How to be friends with germans

Finally this day has come. Today I'm ready to drop the knowledge I have been gathering my whole life. If you plan to interact with a german in the near future, this article is for you. It outlines the most common mistakes and gives guidelines for avoiding mistakes when interacting with germans. For hundreds of years people of various backgrounds have been trying to establish friendships with germans without success. People of all races have been successfully interacting with each other with only one exception: germans. Read more about How to be friends with germans

The struggle

I woke up with my eyes sore and red from crying the better part of last night. This doesnt happen often, because like most men, i think, i don't like crying. I hate how I sound, how I look and most importantly how I feel when I cry. I hate showing my weakness and I hate feeling vulnerable. I am a master of suppressing my feelings so it was no big challenge to keep the noise to a minimum as not to wake my wife up. In my previous posts I always tried to put a positive spin on my situation. The reason I haven't written anything in months is that I ran out of ways to make it sound positive. Read more about The struggle

The truth about telling the truth

Men are always accused of not talking about their problems or feelings, we just bury our troubles and move on. Is that really a bad thing? People say that an exposed wound heals faster, which I find to be true, in general, but there is also the risk of accidental scratching which reopens the wound, causing great pain and the healing process has to start over. This is why we put band-aids on them! Another thing we know is that time heals all wounds...ALL wounds, not just the exposed wounds. Read more about The truth about telling the truth


Dear God,

open my heart
give me courage
help me show love and kindness
lift the evil curse of judgement

I can't do this on my own
It is too hard and I am scared
I really need your help
please find a way
to make me believe

education is my fault
curiosity is my sin
doubt is my sickness
faith will be my cure

this spirit is beautiful
send rain to wash it clean 
give it back its true colors
let it grow the wings of trust
so it can fly off into bliss

Amen Read more about Prayer

My Roommates

It is now about 6 weeks since my "roommate" Mrs. P. passed away. It didn't come as a big surprise, because her condition was slowly getting worse until one day she didn't come anymore. I think she died peacfully at home and being spared from a lengthy stay at the hospital. Back at the dialysis station I got a new "roommate" and everything continues as if nothing happened. Although we never talked much, I learned a lot from her just by observing her ways. Read more about My Roommates


Even though I have spent much time pondering over the purpose of life, I haven't really been able to find the answer. However, I have been able to find what isn't the purpose of life.  Read more about Maximize


Today we encountered a setback regarding the kidney transplant. They said that my mom's gallbladder has to be removed, because they want to check if something is wrong with it. I know that doctors get their greatest pleasure from selling somebody unnecessary surgery, it is a very unsatisfactory explanation. If they just told us that it would be in my mom's best interest to do so, I wouldn't feel so unhappy as I do now with the thought that they only want to removeitto see if something is wrong. And if there isn't anything wrong ? Hopefully we'll get better answers soon! Read more about Setback


In case you're wondering, I skeched this myself. That's right! It is actually a drawing of my christmas present from D. from Hong-Kong! I love all you guys from Hong-Kong and when I can travel again that is the first place I want to visit! Read more about Doraemon


Not only have I just survived friday the 13th, today I have to bring my A-game for valentines day. There are three important dates every year on which we men have to really be on our toes. Valentine's day, your goddesses birthday and of course your anniversary. I haven't seen so many clueless guys in one place for along time, when I was getting flowers this morning. Actually the last time was exactly one year ago. The flower store for guys is like the hardware store for women. Read more about Romance

New Spirit in town

I am so psyched today, I don't even know what's happening. My heart is leaping so high, I feel like I'm invincible. I could melt the devil with just one big hug. My newfound spirit, like the warrior's sword, has cut the ferryman's chain that has been pulling me back the last couple of days. Free at last! Not only is tomorrow valentine's day (that reminds me, I have to get some flowers, let's not repeat last years fiasco) and also today is my mom's birthday and I'm looking forward to my favorite meal tonight, raclette, but most importantly Shades of Grey is coming out this weekend. Finally! Read more about New Spirit in town